Multi-Degree of Freedom Tuning Fork Gyroscope Demonstrating Shock Rejection


This paper presents a z-axis MEMS tuning fork rate gyroscope with multi-degree of freedom (DOF) sense modes designed to provide structural robustness to environmental drifts. This concept combines the temperature robustness of multiDOF sense modes with the common mode rejection capabilities of tuning fork architectures. The device consists of an antiphase actuated 2-DOF drive mode where each drive mass contains a 2-DOF sense mode, thus forming an overall 6-DOF mechanical system. The flat gain region of the 2-DOF sense mode provides immunity to both environmental variations and fabrication imperfections, while the anti-phase forcing of the drive mode induces an anti-phase Coriolis response allowing for the cancellation of common mode inputs such as ambient vibrations. Impulse responses were used to characterize the effect of acceleration loads on the device where a differential signal resulted in 14 dB of reduction in amplitude versus a single output.

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