Multi-Cloud Governance Service based on Model Driven Policy Generation


Cloud computing is an innovative and promising paradigm that is leading to remarkable changes in the way we manage our business. Cloud computing can provide scalable IT infrastructure, QoS-assured services and customizable computing environment. Such scalable and agile environment increases the call for agile and dynamic deployment and governance environments over multi-cloud infrastructure. Unfortunately, by now, governance and Non Functional Properties (such as security, QoS...) are managed in a static way, limiting the global benefits of deploying service-based information system over multi-cloud environments. To overcome this limit, we propose a contextualised policy generation process to allow both an agile management NFP in a multi-cloud context and a secured deployment of the service-based information system. Thanks to the generation of these NFP policies, NFP management functions can be orchestrated at runtime so that the exact execution context can be taken into account.

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