Multi-Cloud Based Framework for Improved Service Availability and Security


-Cloud computing has been recognized by the world as a new model of computing that enables users to access huge computing resources. This has been made possible due to the commoditization of computing resources through cloud computing technology. Users from any corner of the world can avail cloud services without making capital investment. However, they are supposed to pay bills as per the usage. Though the technology brings about plethora of benefits to individuals and organizations, they cause security concerns as well. This is because users are to store their data in untrusted servers believing in the security mechanisms of cloud service providers. With a single provider there is risk of data theft, failure and service availability problems. This problem can be addressed by moving from single to multicloud thus having more options that can reduce risk and improve availability of service. In this paper we built multicloud environment. We develop a custom simulator that demonstrates the proof of concept. The empirical results revealed that the proposed multicloud approach is effective and feasible. Index Terms – Cloud computing, security, single cloud, multi-clouds

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