Multi - Class Document Classification: Effective and Systematized Method to Categorize Documents

  title={Multi - Class Document Classification: Effective and Systematized
Method to Categorize Documents},
  author={Kaushika Pal and Biraj V. Patel},
  journal={International journal of scientific research in science, engineering and technology},
  • Kaushika Pal, B. Patel
  • Published 14 February 2020
  • Computer Science
  • International journal of scientific research in science, engineering and technology
A large section of World Wide Web is full of Documents, content; Data, Big data, unformatted data, formatted data, unstructured and unorganized data and we need information infrastructure, which is useful and easily accessible as an when required. This research work is combining approach of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning for content-based classification of documents. Natural Language Processing is used which will divide the problem of understanding entire document at once into… 
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