MukB acts as a macromolecular clamp in DNA condensation

  title={MukB acts as a macromolecular clamp in DNA condensation},
  author={Yuanbo Cui and Zoya M Petrushenko and Valentin V Rybenkov},
  journal={Nature Structural &Molecular Biology},
Correct folding of the chromosome into its highly ordered structure requires the action of condensins. The multisubunit condensins are highly conserved from bacteria to humans, and at their core they contain the characteristic V-shaped dimer of structural maintenance of chromosome proteins. The mechanism of DNA rearrangements by condensins remains unclear. Using magnetic tweezers, we show that bacterial condensin MukB acts as an ATP-modulated macromolecular assemblage in DNA condensation… CONTINUE READING


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At the heart of the chromosome: SMC proteins in action

Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology • 2006

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