Muir-Torre syndrome: role of the dermatopathologist in diagnosis.

  title={Muir-Torre syndrome: role of the dermatopathologist in diagnosis.},
  author={Mary L Curry and William Chow B. Eng and Karen Lund and Donald Paek and Clay J. Cockerell},
  journal={The American Journal of dermatopathology},
  volume={26 3},
Muir-Torre syndrome (MTS) is an autosomal dominantly inherited disorder characterized by sebaceous lesions and visceral malignancies. The defect is thought to be the result of a mutation in mismatch repair genes and associated with microsatellite instability. Two cases whose diagnoses were suggested first by the dermatopathologist are discussed. The first is a 47-year-old white man who over the past 6 years developed multiple sebaceous lesions. Due to the number of sebaceous lesions and their… CONTINUE READING


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