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Mud therapy: A type of Panchbhautic Chikitsa of Ayurveda

  title={Mud therapy: A type of Panchbhautic Chikitsa of Ayurveda},
  author={Ram Kumar Agarwal and Ravikumar Prajapati},
  journal={Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry},
Nature cure is a constructive method of treatment, which aims at removing the basic cause of disease through the rational use of the elements freely available in nature. There are five elements of Nature cure i.e. Earth (mud), Water (jala), Fire (Agni), Air (Vayu), and Space (Akash). Mud is one of five elements of nature having immense impact on the body in health as well as in sickness. It can be employed conveniently as a therapeutic agent in Naturopathy treatment as its black colour absorbs…