Mucosal vaccination: lung versus nose.

  title={Mucosal vaccination: lung versus nose.},
  author={Ana Vujanic and Philip Sutton and Ken J. Snibson and Hung-Hsun Yen and Jean-Pierre Y Scheerlinck},
  journal={Veterinary immunology and immunopathology},
  volume={148 1-2},
The induction of potent mucosal immune responses able to prevent the establishment of infection at the onset of mucosal pathogen colonisation represents a desirable but challenging goal for vaccine development. Here we compare nasal vaccine delivery with intra-pulmonary vaccination using a sheep lymphatic cannulation model. Our results demonstrate that nasal delivery of a non-infective ISCOMATRIX(®) influenza vaccine does not induce primary immune responses in the lymph draining the nasal lymph… CONTINUE READING


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