Mucosal gastrin receptor. VII. Up- and downregulation.

  title={Mucosal gastrin receptor. VII. Up- and downregulation.},
  author={G R Speir and Ken Takeuchi and Wiebke K Peitsch and Leonard R. Johnson},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={242 3},
A series of experiments were performed to examine the long-term upregulation of the gastrin receptor and to explore the possibility of a short-term down regulation with regard to the time course of the trophic action of gastrin. Vagotomy or fasting was used to examine upregulation. Elevated serum gastrin levels observed postvagotomy are accompanied by an increase in gastrin binding capacity. Conversely, fasting caused a decline in serum gastrin and receptor levels; refeeding restored both… CONTINUE READING