Mucormicosis diseminadas en pacientes sin inmunodeficiencias: una enfermedad que también existe

  title={Mucormicosis diseminadas en pacientes sin inmunodeficiencias: una enfermedad que tambi{\'e}n existe},
  author={Juan Carlos Pozo Laderas and Antonio Pontes Moreno and Carmen Pozo Salido and Juan Carlos Robles Arista and Mar{\'i}a Jos{\'e} Rodr{\'i}guez Sicilia},
  journal={Revista Iberoamericana De Micologia},
Resumen Las mucormicosis son infecciones generalmente agudas, angioinvasivas, que provocan necrosis difusas no supurantes y gran destruccion tisular. Representan el 1,6% de todas las infecciones fungicas invasivas, y predominan en pacientes inmunodeprimidos con factores de riesgo. Su incidencia se ha incrementado de forma significativa, incluso en pacientes sin inmunodeficiencias. A proposito de un caso de mucormicosis diseminada producida por Rhizomucor pusillus en un paciente joven sin… Expand
Utilidad de la biopsia por congelación para el diagnóstico y tratamiento de la mucormicosis. Reporte de un caso y revisión de la literatura
The use of frozen section biopsy in the context of mucormycosis has proven to be a valuable tool for intraoperative evaluation of skin and soft tissues with great impacts in the evaluation of treatment and survival, so it must be controlled in conjunction with clinical characteristics at the time of decision making. Expand
Successful posaconazole salvage therapy for rhinocerebral mucormycosis in a child with leukemia. Review of the literature.
Although it is still debated, it can be considered an option for salvage treatment in children with non-responding mucormycosis, despite lack of standard dosage in pediatric patients, according to the use of posaconazole as either monotherapy or combined therapy. Expand
A novel resistance pathway for calcineurin inhibitors in the human pathogenic Mucorales Mucor circinelloides
BycA is involved in the Mucor hyphal-yeast transition as data demonstrates a positive correlation between bycA expression, protein kinase A activity, and MUCor yeast-growth. Expand
Cerebro-rhino-orbital mucormycosis and aspergillosis coinfection in a patient with diabetes mellitus: A case report
The case of mixed mold infection in a 69 year-old patient with latent diabetes mellitus, initially admitted for right orbital cellulitis, is reported, with a favorable outcome. Expand
Disseminated mucormycosis (DM) after pneumonectomy: a case report
This case is reported the first case of disseminated mucormycosis whose infection sites included lung, skin, liver, vertebra, and spinal cord that ensued after a right lung pneumonectomy in an immunocompetent patient. Expand
Saksenaea erythrospora infection after medical tourism for esthetic breast augmentation surgery.
Mucormycosis should be considered in the differential diagnosis of necrotizing infections of the skin and soft tissue that evolve rapidly after cosmetic surgery performed in tropical or subtropical countries. Expand
A Novel Resistance Pathway for Calcineurin Inhibitors in the Human-Pathogenic Mucorales Mucor circinelloides
BycA is a negative regulator of hyphal growth and/or a positive regulator of yeast growth in Mucor and that calcineurin suppresses expression of the bycA gene at the mRNA level to promote hyphal growing, a novel mechanism of resistance against calcineURin inhibitors is identified. Expand


Fascitis necrotizante por Saksenaea vasiformis en una paciente inmunocompetente tras un accidente de tráfico
The presente caso confirma the presencia oficio oficial de un hongo del orden Mucorales en nuestro pais, ademas ofreciendo la utilidad del estudio histopatologico para el diagnostico de the mucormicosis, y de los medios de cultivo especiales y las tecnicas moleculares for the identificacion of the especie. Expand
Infección fúngica invasiva mixta por "Rhizomucor pusillus" y "Aspergillus niger" en un paciente inmunocompetente
Resumen Antecedentes Las mucormicosis son infecciones poco frecuentes en pacientes inmunocompetentes, y se han descrito muy pocos casos de mucormicosis asociadas a aspergilosis en pacientes noExpand
Taxonomía y biología de los hongos causantes de infección en humanos
Algunos de los cambios mas significativos en the taxonomia de los hongos patogenos que se han producido en los ultimos anos are resumen. Expand
Recomendaciones sobre el tratamiento de la enfermedad fúngica invasiva por Aspergillus spp. y otros hongos filamentosos de la Sociedad Española de Enfermedades Infecciosas y Microbiología Clínica (SEIMC). Actualización 2011
The guidelines on the treatment of invasive fungal disease by Aspergillus spp. and other fungi issued by the Spanish Society of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology (SEIMC) are presented.Expand
Mucormycosis Caused by Unusual Mucormycetes, Non-Rhizopus, -Mucor, and -Lichtheimia Species
An overview of the epidemiology, clinical manifestations, diagnosis of, treatment of, and prognosis for unusual Mucormycetes infections (non-Rhizopus, -Mucor, and -Lichtheimia species) is provided. Expand
Mucormycosis and entomophthoramycosis: a review of the clinical manifestations, diagnosis and treatment.
  • R. Prabhu, R. Patel
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Clinical microbiology and infection : the official publication of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
  • 2004
The clinical manifestations, diagnosis and treatment of mucormycosis and entomophthoramycosis in immunocompetent patients are reviewed. Expand
Outbreak of gastric mucormycosis associated with the use of wooden tongue depressors in critically ill patients
Wooden tongue depressors contaminated by R. rhizopodiformis used to prepare oral medications caused an outbreak of fungal gastritis with an attributable mortality of 40%. Expand
Taxonomy of fungi causing mucormycosis and entomophthoramycosis (zygomycosis) and nomenclature of the disease: molecular mycologic perspectives.
  • K. Kwon-Chung
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America
  • 2012
The article reiterates the reasons why the classic names "mucormycosis" and "entomophthoramycotic" are more appropriate than "zygomycosis," and confirms the phylum Zygomycota to be polyphyletic. Expand
Invasive mucormycosis and aspergillosis in a healthy 22-year-old battle casualty: case report.
A previously-healthy 22-year-old United States Marine who sustained large soft tissue injuries in support of Operation Enduring Freedom underwent multiple operations in theater to stabilize his wounds and died from systemic invasive mucormycosis and aspergillosis. Expand
Zygomycetes in human disease.
The Mucorales are associated with angioinvasive disease, often leading to thrombosis, infarction of involved tissues, and tissue destruction mediated by a number of fungal proteases, lipases, and mycotoxins. Expand