Mucoepidermoid lung tumor appearing as an abscess on the scrotum.


The authors present the case of a 52-year-old man who had recurring scrotal abscesses resulting in oncotomy being carried out seven times within 2 years. Eventually, it was dissected out totally. Histology proved anaplastic cancer metastasis. The primary tumor was detected in the bronchia; moreover, metastases were found in other organs as well. The patient died 6 weeks after the first diagnosis. We intended to draw attention to frequently occurring scrotal inflammation and thus the underlying diseases. We emphasize the importance of histology examinations.

DOI: 10.1159/000176040

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@article{Szendri2009MucoepidermoidLT, title={Mucoepidermoid lung tumor appearing as an abscess on the scrotum.}, author={Attila Szendrői and Attila Majoros and Eszter Sz{\'e}kely and Mikl{\'o}s Szűcs and Imre Romics}, journal={Urologia internationalis}, year={2009}, volume={82 1}, pages={122-4} }