Mucocutaneous plasmacytomas in dogs: 75 cases (1980-1987).

  title={Mucocutaneous plasmacytomas in dogs: 75 cases (1980-1987).},
  author={Pauline M. Rakich and Kenneth S. Latimer and Rudolf Fritz Weiss and Walstine L Steffens},
  journal={Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association},
  volume={194 6},
Mucocutaneous plasmacytomas were diagnosed in 75 dogs. Medical records and communication with owners and referring veterinarians provided information regarding location and description of the tumor, clinicopathologic data, treatment, and postoperative status of the dogs. Males and females were equally represented, and most dogs were aged adults (mean, 9.7 years). Tumors developed most commonly in the mouth, on the feet or trunk, and in the ears. Plasmacytomas were confined to the skin and… CONTINUE READING
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