Mucoceles of the oral cavity in pediatric patients.

  title={Mucoceles of the oral cavity in pediatric patients.},
  author={Chung Wei Wu and Yu-Hsun Kao and Chao-Ming Chen and Han Jen Hsu and Chun-Ming Chen and I-Yueh Eric Huang},
  journal={The Kaohsiung journal of medical sciences},
  volume={27 7},
Mucoceles are quite common in the oral cavity, but reports on pediatric patients are very rare. The aims of this study were to present our data and experience in the treatment of mucoceles of the oral cavity in pediatric patients, to compare them with those of other countries, and to remind the pediatric physician to devote much attention to lesions of the oral cavity in children. This retrospective study is based on the record of the patients who received surgical treatment for mucoceles of… CONTINUE READING