[Mucocele of ophthalmologic expression and treatment apropos of 46 cases].


Mucoceles of the facial sinuses are benign tumors. They consist of a pouch made up from altered sinusal mucosa containing mucus ant inflammatory exudate. This tumors have a tendency to distension and to erode the bony walls. Their common site is in the anterior frontoethmoidal, rarely in the posterior ethmoidal or sphenoidal and exceptionally in the maxillary sinuses. They grow progressively at the expense of the eye and its annexes. Standard radiology is the main diagnostic key, but the scanner is essential to determine the extension and to evaluate the integrity of the posterior wall of the frontal sinus. Surgical intervention is the only way to treat a mucocele. The way of access to the mucocele can be either via the inferior way of Jacques or via the superior way of neurosurgical approach.

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