Much Sense the Starkest Madness

  title={Much Sense the Starkest Madness},
  author={Geoffrey T. Roche},
  pages={45 - 59}
  • G. Roche
  • Published 1 April 2010
  • Philosophy
  • Angelaki



Is ethics rationally required?

Sidgwick argued that utilitarianism was not rationally required because it could not be shown that a utilitarian theory of practical reason was better justified than a rival egoist theory of

The libertine reader : eroticism and enlightenment in eighteenth-century France

Part 1 Natural utopias: Supplement to Bougainville's voyage, Denis Diderot (introduction by Marcel Henaff) On the education of women, Choderlos de Laclos (introduction by Chantal Thomas). Part 2

Madness and civilization : a history of insanity in the age of reason

Introduction by David Cooper, Preface 1."Stultifera Navis" 2.The Great Confinement 3.The Insane 4.Passion and Delirium 5. Aspects of Madness 6.Doctors and Patients 7.The Great Fear 8.The New Division

Why Be Moral?: The Egoistic Challenge

Simplistic accounts of egoism have encouraged incomplete and superficial answers to the question Why should I be moral? This work defends an interpretation of the question as a genuine and

The Emergence of Cooperation among Egoists

  • R. Axelrod
  • Economics
    American Political Science Review
  • 1981
This article investigates the conditions under which cooperation will emerge in a world of egoists without central authority. This problem plays an important role in such diverse fields as political