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Much Ado About Time: Exhaustive Annotation of Temporal Data

  title={Much Ado About Time: Exhaustive Annotation of Temporal Data},
  author={Gunnar A. Sigurdsson and Olga Russakovsky and Ali Farhadi and I. Laptev and A. Gupta},
  • Gunnar A. Sigurdsson, Olga Russakovsky, +2 authors A. Gupta
  • Published in HCOMP 2016
  • Computer Science
  • Large-scale annotated datasets allow AI systems to learn from and build upon the knowledge of the crowd. Many crowdsourcing techniques have been developed for collecting image annotations. These techniques often implicitly rely on the fact that a new input image takes a negligible amount of time to perceive. In contrast, we investigate and determine the most cost-effective way of obtaining high-quality multi-label annotations for temporal data such as videos. Watching even a short 30-second… CONTINUE READING
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