Mrs2p Forms a High Conductance Mg2+ Selective Channel in Mitochondria

  title={Mrs2p Forms a High Conductance Mg2+ Selective Channel in Mitochondria},
  author={Rainer Schindl and Julian Weghuber and Christoph Romanin and Rudolf J. Schweyen},
  journal={Biophysical Journal},
  pages={3872 - 3883}
Members of the CorA-Mrs2-Alr1 superfamily of Mg(2+) transporters are ubiquitous among pro- and eukaryotes. The crystal structure of a bacterial CorA protein has recently been solved, but the mode of ion transport of this protein family remained obscure. Using single channel patch clamping we unequivocally show here that the mitochondrial Mrs2 protein forms a Mg(2+)-selective channel of high conductance (155 pS). It has an open probability of approximately 60% in the absence of Mg(2+) at the… CONTINUE READING


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