Moving structures in ultraviolet bright points: Observations from Solar Orbiter/EUI

  title={Moving structures in ultraviolet bright points: Observations from Solar Orbiter/EUI},
  author={Dong Li},
  journal={Astronomy \& Astrophysics},
  • Dong Li
  • Published 5 April 2022
  • Physics
  • Astronomy & Astrophysics
Context. Moving structures have been detected in coronal bright points and in a solar flare in active regions that are bidirectional, symmetrical, simultaneous, and quasi-periodic. These could be regarded as observational evidence of plasma outflows via magnetic reconnection. Aims. We explored pairs of moving structures in fifteen ultraviolet bright points (UBPs), which were observed in the quiet Sun or inside a small active region on 19 November 2020. Methods. The UBPs were measured by the High… 

Solar Orbiter and SDO Observations, and a Bifrost Magnetohydrodynamic Simulation of Small-scale Coronal Jets

We report high-resolution, high-cadence observations of five small-scale coronal jets in an on-disk quiet Sun region observed with Solar Orbiter’s EUI/HRIEUV in 174 Å. We combine the HRIEUV images

A New Approach to Kinetic Energy Flux at the Different Frequencies above the IRIS Bright Points

Various bright structures abound in the chromosphere playing an essential role in the dynamics and evolution therein. Tentatively identifying the wave characteristics in the outer solar atmosphere


Moving structures in ultraviolet bright

  • 2020