Moving On Out: Black Pioneering in Chicago, 1915-1950

  title={Moving On Out: Black Pioneering in Chicago, 1915-1950},
  author={William Desborough Cooley},
  journal={Journal of Urban History},
  pages={485 - 506}
  • W. Cooley
  • Published 5 March 2010
  • History
  • Journal of Urban History
In the first half of the twentieth century, many African Americans placed their hopes in property ownership and upward mobility to legitimize black claims to full citizenship. However, “black pioneers” were caught between a hostile white world and the deteriorating conditions in the overcrowded ghetto. While this story is usually told from the vantage point of whites who reacted to such “invasions” with hostility and flight, I center the experiences of black pioneers who were agents of spatial… 

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