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Movie Success Prediction based on Classical and Social Factors

  title={Movie Success Prediction based on Classical and Social Factors},
  author={Sachin Darekar and Pratik R. Kadam and Prajakta Patil and Chinmay Tawde},
Like many innovations, the movie industry has been driven by advances in technology and is mainly dependent on customer approval and response. Social media such as Twitter, YouTube, IMDb , Wikipedia, etc are major platforms where people can share their views about the movies. Along with these social factors the integration of classical factors such as director, producer, cast, runtime and genre play a major role and affect the popularity of the movie. Thus, the overall success of an unreleased… 
Using Academy Awards to Predict Success of Bollywood Movies using Machine Learning Algorithms
Motion Picture Production has always been a risky and pricey venture. Bollywood alone has released approximately 120 movies in 2017. It is disappointing that only 8% of the movies have made to box


Relationships between classical factors, social factors and box office collections
Predictive models are built by establishing links between classical features, social media features and the overall success of the movie which includes total box office collection and the critics rating or review, and show that the prediction model built using integration of classical as well as social factors can achieve higher accuracy rate.
Using Crowd-Source Based Features from Social Media and Conventional Features to Predict the Movies Popularity
Experiments in predictive analysis using machine learning algorithms on both conventional features, collected from movies databases on Web as well as social media features demonstrate that the sentiments harnessed from social media and othersocial media features can predict the success with more accuracy than that of using conventional features.
Opening big in box office? Trailer content can help
It is argued that movie trailers, created to invoke viewers' interest and curiosity about a movie, carry complementary information for predicting a movie's financial future and regression analysis on the database shows that signal information from trailer content improves the prediction performance.
Web Science 2.0: Identifying Trends through Semantic Social Network Analysis
A novel set of social network analysis based algorithms for mining the Web, blogs, and online forums to identify trends and find the people launching these new trends to predict long-term trends on the popularity of relevant concepts such as brands, movies, and politicians are introduced.
Integrating predictive analytics and social media
This paper presents a framework for the development of predictive models utilizing social media data, which combines feature selection mechanisms, similarity comparisons and model cross-validation through a variety of interactive visualizations to support analysts in model building and prediction.
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