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Movie Simulating Urban Growth in the Detroit Region Author ( s ) :

  title={Movie Simulating Urban Growth in the Detroit Region Author ( s ) :},
  author={Waldo Tobler},

Graphical metrics for analyzing district maps

This study proposes a new graphical framework for analyzing districts that relaxes current assumptions while allowing analysts to focus on the choices that redistricting parties may potentially make and proposes four new metrics.

Dinero electrónico y su afectación en el capital humano: visión regional en Ecuador

El objetivo de esta investigacion es examinar el efecto del capital humano en el uso del dinero electronico a nivel regional en el Ecuador. Utilizamos datos de corte transversal del Banco Central del

Spatial redistribution of organic phosphorus in hay and grass pastures of eastern West Virginia following longterm animal manure applications

Spatial Redistribution of Organic Phosphorus in Hay and Grass Pastures of Eastern West Virginia Following Long-term Animal Manure Applications Michael B. Harman This study was conceived to

Can patterns of spatial autocorrelation reveal population processes? An analysis with the fire salamander

This work reviewed studies measuring dispersal of the salamander Salamandra salamandra to formulate a priori hypotheses on the scale at which dispersal is expected to determine population distribution, and tested whether controlling for the eff ect of environmental variables can reveal endogenous processes.



On the Interpretation of State Vectors and Local Transformation Operators,

  • Colloquium on Simulation, University of Kansas Computer Contribution
  • 1968

Models and Techniques for Urban Planning

  • Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory Report VY-2474-G-1,
  • 1968

The Twin Cities Urbanized Area: Past, Present, Future

The Spatial Variation of Urban Population Densities

OME years ago Colin Clark suggested that urban population densities beyond the limit of the central business district decline exponentially with distance from the center of the city.' Clark's work

Computation of the correspondence of geographical patterns

Methods Of Regional Analysis

Trend-Surface Mapping in Geographical Research

ALTHOUGH GEOGRAPHERS are traditionally concerned with the description, analysis and explanation of areal distributions of phenomena, much of the most vigorous development of new techniques in this

Weather analysis and forecasting