Movement related directional tuning from broadband electrocorticography in humans

  title={Movement related directional tuning from broadband electrocorticography in humans},
  author={Ewan S. Nurse and Dean R. Freestone and Thomas J. Oxley and David C. Ackland and Simon J. Vogrin and Michael Arthur Murphy and Terence J. O'Brien and Mark J. Cook and David B. Grayden},
  journal={2015 7th International IEEE/EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering (NER)},
Directional tuning is the tendency for cortical neurons to exhibit a peak firing rate when a limb is moved in a preferred direction. This phenomenon has been used to underpin decoding strategies in many brain-machine interface (BMI) systems. Although it is well established that individual motor neurons can be decoded using directional tuning, this is not as well understood at the scale of cortical local field potentials (LFPs). This study investigates the directional tuning properties of… CONTINUE READING

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