Movement protein-derived resistance to triple gene block-containing plant viruses.

  title={Movement protein-derived resistance to triple gene block-containing plant viruses.},
  author={Pauli Sepp{\"a}nen and Reetta Puska and Jarmo J. Honkanen and Lidia G Tyulkina and Oleg N. Fedorkin and Morozov SYu and Joseph Atabekov},
  journal={The Journal of general virology},
  volume={78 ( Pt 6)},
Two mutant potato virus X (PVX) movement protein (MP) genes (m 12K-Sal and m 12K-Kpn) were obtained by inserting specific linkers at the boundary between the N-terminal hydrophobic and putative transmembrane segment, and the central invariant hydrophilic region of the respective 12 kDa, 12K, triple gene block (TGB) protein. Several transgenic potato lines which expressed m 12K-Sal or m 12K-Kpn to different degrees were resistant to infection by PVX, potato aucuba mosaic potexvirus and the… CONTINUE READING

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