Movement of retinal along the visual transduction path.

  title={Movement of retinal along the visual transduction path.},
  author={Babak Borhan and Maria do Socorro Marcia Lopes Souto and Hiroo Imai and Yoshinori Shichida and Koji Nakanishi},
  volume={288 5474},
Movement of the ligand/receptor complex in rhodopsin (Rh) has been traced. Bleaching of diazoketo rhodopsin (DK-Rh) containing 11-cis-3-diazo-4-oxo-retinal yields batho-, lumi-, meta-I-, and meta-II-Rh intermediates corresponding to those of native Rh but at lower temperatures. Photoaffinity labeling of DK-Rh and these bleaching intermediates shows that the ionone ring cross-links to tryptophan-265 on helix F in DK-Rh and batho-Rh, and to alanine-169 on helix D in lumi-, meta-I-, and meta-II-Rh… CONTINUE READING