Movement and Adjunct Morphology in Arawak and Other Languages

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In this paper, we are concerned with the description and explanation of an interesting asymmetry in the distribution of "dummy verbs" in WH-Movement constructions in Arawak, an Arawakan language spoken by about 700 speakers in Surinam and probably a larger number in Guyana.1 The facts are, briefly, that the dummy verb obligatorily occurs when certain constituents are fronted (e.g., the verb or certain adjuncts, such as manner phrases) but cannot occur when others are fronted (e.g., subjects… Expand
Negation in Guianese Lokono/Arawak
Guianese Lokono/Arawak is spoken in the lowlands of the Guianas, Guyana, Suriname, the French Overseas department of Guiana, and Venezuelan Guayana. It exhibits two negation operators: the particleExpand
Operator Islands , Maraudage , and the Intermediate Step Corollary
Relativized Minimality and the Minimal Link Condition are c onceptually related, and there is a certain amount of empirical overlap. These constraints ca n a count for operator island effectsExpand


The Syntax of Verbs: From Verb Movement Rules in the Kru Languages to Universal Grammar
ing away from inflectional particles, the word order in declarative sentences may be schematically represented as in (29), where PART stands for the particle which occurs in particle verbExpand
Another Look at Suriname Arawak Phonology
0. Over the years a number of investigators have written articles reflecting their conclusions about Arawak phonologythe most comprehensive of these being Douglas Taylor's "A Preliminary View ofExpand
A Preliminary View of Arawak Phonology
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1 Written before the completior this Note is offered, not as a for but as an interim report on the Arawak, in the hope that it may be, to readers of IJAL working on rel: The writer is well aware ofExpand
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The formal nature of anaphoric relations
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