Mouse models of ocular diseases.

  title={Mouse models of ocular diseases.},
  author={B. -Y. Chang and Norman L. Hawes and Ronald E. Hurd and Juehu Wang and Danielle E Howell and Muriel T. Davisson and Thomas H. Roderick and Steven Nusinowitz and John R. Heckenlively},
  journal={Visual neuroscience},
  volume={22 5},
The Jackson Laboratory, having the world's largest collection of mouse mutant stocks and genetically diverse inbred strains, is an ideal place to discover genetically determined eye variations and disorders. In this paper, we list and describe mouse models for ocular research available from Mouse Eye Mutant Resource at The Jackson Laboratory. While screening mouse strains and stocks at The Jackson Laboratory (TJL) for genetic mouse models of human ocular disorders, we have identified numerous… CONTINUE READING


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