Mouse macrophage innate immune response to chikungunya virus infection

  title={Mouse macrophage innate immune response to chikungunya virus infection},
  author={Shiril Kumar and Marie-Christine Jaffar-Bandjee and Claude Giry and L{\'e}a Connen de Kerillis and Andres Merits and Philippe Gasque and Jean-Jacques Hoarau},
  booktitle={Virology Journal},
Infection with Chikungunya alphavirus (CHIKV) can cause severe arthralgia and chronic arthritis in humans with persistence of the virus in perivascular macrophages of the synovial membrane by mechanisms largely ill-characterized. We herein analysed the innate immune response (cytokine and programmed cell death) of RAW264.7 mouse macrophages following CHIKV infection. We found that the infection was restrained to a small percentage of cells and was not associated with a robust type I IFN innate… CONTINUE READING