Mouse intragastric infusion (iG) model

  title={Mouse intragastric infusion (iG) model},
  author={Akiko Ueno and Raul Martinez Lazaro and Ping-Yen Wang and Reiichi Higashiyama and Keigo Machida and Hidekazu Tsukamoto},
  journal={Nature Protocols},
Direct intragastric delivery of a diet, nutrient or test substance can be achieved in rodents (mice and rats) on a long-term (2–3 months) basis using a chronically implanted gastrostomy catheter and a flow-through swivel system. This rodent intragastric infusion (iG) model has broad applications in research on food intake, gastrointestinal (GI) physiology, GI neuroendocrinology, drug metabolism and toxicity, obesity and liver disease. It achieves maximal control over the rate and pattern of… CONTINUE READING


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