Mouse egg ribosomes: evidence for storage in lattices.

  title={Mouse egg ribosomes: evidence for storage in lattices.},
  author={Rosemary F. Bachvarova and Ver{\'o}nica De Le{\'o}n and Irwin Spiegelman},
  journal={Journal of embryology and experimental morphology},
The ribosomes of mouse ova were labeled by exposure of growing ovarian oocytes to [3H]uridine. The ribosomes of ova lysed and dispersed in hypotonic medium were contained in particles with an unusually low buoyant density in CsCl density gradients. These particles sedimented at 9000g or less, and electron microscopy of the pellet revealed ribosome-like particles embedded in a fibrillar network. These results indicate that the ribosomes are present in a proteinaceous superstructure, probably the… CONTINUE READING