Mouse T lymphoma cells contain a transmembrane glycoprotein (GP85) that binds ankyrin

  title={Mouse T lymphoma cells contain a transmembrane glycoprotein (GP85) that binds ankyrin},
  author={E L Kalomiris and Lilly Y. W. Bourguignon},
  journal={The Journal of Cell Biology},
  pages={319 - 327}
In this study we have used complementary biochemical and immunological techniques to establish that the lymphoma GP85 membrane glycoprotein is a transmembrane protein with a cytoplasmic domain that binds directly to ankyrin, a molecule known to link the membrane to the cytoskeleton. The evidence supporting our conclusion that the GP85 is a transmembrane glycoprotein is as follows: (a) GP85 can be surface-labeled with Na 125I and contains wheat germ agglutinin-binding sites, indicating that it… CONTINUE READING


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