Mouse SNPs for evolutionary biology: beware of ascertainment biases.

  title={Mouse SNPs for evolutionary biology: beware of ascertainment biases.},
  author={P Boursot and Khalid Belkhir},
  journal={Genome research},
  volume={16 10},
1241 Uneven chromosome contraction and expansion in the maize genome Rémy Bruggmann, Arvind K. Bharti, Heidrun Gundlach, Jinsheng Lai, Sarah Young, Ana C. Pontaroli, Fusheng Wei, Georg Haberer, Galina Fuks, Chunguang Du, Christina Raymond, Matt C. Estep, Renyi Liu, Jeffrey L. Bennetzen, Agnes P. Chan, Pablo D. Rabinowicz, John Quackenbush, W. Brad Barbazuk, Rod A. Wing, Bruce Birren, Chad Nusbaum, Steve Rounsley, Klaus F.X. Mayer, and Joachim Messing 1252 Differential lineage-specific… CONTINUE READING

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