Mountains on Titan: Modeling and observations

  title={Mountains on Titan: Modeling and observations},
  author={G. Mitri and M. Bland and A. Showman and J. Radebaugh and B. Stiles and R. M. Lopes and J. Lunine and R. Pappalardo},
  journal={Journal of Geophysical Research},
  • G. Mitri, M. Bland, +6 authors R. Pappalardo
  • Published 2010
  • Geology
  • Journal of Geophysical Research
  • [1] We have developed a thermal model of Titan's interior to study changes in volume during partial freezing or melting of a subsurface ocean due to heat flux variations from the interior. We find that the long-term cooling of Titan can cause global volume contraction ΔV/V ∼0.01. We then simulate two-dimensional contractional deformation of Titan's icy lithosphere, finding that contractional deformation can produce tectonic activity and fold formation. Folds could potentially achieve a… CONTINUE READING
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