Mountaineering in Cuba: improvement of true accessibility as an opportunity for regional development of communities outside the tourism enclaves

  title={Mountaineering in Cuba: improvement of true accessibility as an opportunity for regional development of communities outside the tourism enclaves},
  author={Michal Apollo and Renata Rettinger},
  journal={Current Issues in Tourism},
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ABSTRACT Mass tourism began in the Caribbean during the middle of the twentieth century. Unfortunately, increasing competition and a change in the motivation of tourists now force the authorities who manage these regions to introduce a new tourism offer that is not based directly on either the 3S (Sun, Sand, and Sea) or 3E (Entertainment, Excitement, Education) model. Hiking, trekking, and climbing, defined as mountaineering, might be one of these. This paper examines the potential for… Expand
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Indicators of the Tourist Attractiveness of Urban–Rural Communes and Sustainability of Peripheral Areas
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A trip project for more demanding clientele involving the climb on Matterhorn
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Reasons and Consequences of Overtourism in Contemporary Cities—Knowledge Gaps and Future Research
Even though overtourism became the object of extensive scientific research only three years ago, different definitions and approaches to the issue can be seen. However, it is still in the initialExpand
Mountaineering and the natural environment in developing countries: an insight to a comprehensive approach
ABSTRACT Mountaineering, broadly defined as hiking, trekking and climbing, is nowadays a mass phenomenon. Sensitive to outside influences, the environment of high mountain areas, until recently cutExpand
There is greater gender equality in mountaineering research
  • M. Apollo
  • Sociology
  • Current Issues in Tourism
  • 2021
ABSTRACT It is well known that reflections on gender identity in tourism studies are important and that gender influences research. However, the situation is unclear in a male-dominated activity suchExpand
Peak-bagging and cartographic misrepresentations: a call to correction
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International sanctions, tourism destinations and resistive economy
  • Siamak Seyfi, C. Hall
  • Political Science
  • Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events
  • 2018
Sanctions have become an increasingly common and recurring feature of the political landscape of international relations (Cortright & Lopez, 2018; Leyton-Brown, 2017). Despite substantial and longs...
COVID-19 and international travel restrictions: the geopolitics of health and tourism
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