Mountaineering fatalities on Aconcagua: 2001-2012.

  title={Mountaineering fatalities on Aconcagua: 2001-2012.},
  author={Jeffrey Westensee and Ignacio Rog{\'e} and Jon D Van Roo and Carlos Pesce and Sam Batzli and Daniel Mark Courtney and Matthew P Lazio},
  journal={High altitude medicine & biology},
  volume={14 3},
High altitude mountaineering is a dangerous endeavor due to the hypoxic hypobaric environment, extreme weather, and technical skills required. One of the seven summits, Aconcagua (6962 m) is the highest mountain outside of Asia. Its most popular route is nontechnical, attracting >3000 mountaineers annually. Utilizing data from the Servicio Médico Aconcagua (park medical service), we performed a retrospective descriptive analysis with the primary objective of deriving a fatality rate on… CONTINUE READING