Mountain building, mantle convection, and supercontinents: revisited

  title={Mountain building, mantle convection, and supercontinents: revisited},
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Progressive weakening within the overriding plate during dual inward dipping subduction
Dual inward dipping subduction often produces complex deformation patterns in the overriding plate. However, the geodynamic process of how dual inward dipping subduction relates to this deformation
Co-Evolution of Parallel Triple Subduction Systems in the New Guinea Region: A Systematic Numerical Study
A specific configuration of the global subduction system is the parallel triple subduction. The widely accepted example of parallel triple subduction is the New Guinea region, including a northward
Tectonic Geomorphology Above Mediterranean Subduction Zones


Mountain building and mantle dynamics
Mountain building at convergent margins requires tectonic forces that can overcome frictional resistance along large‐scale thrust faults and support the gravitational potential energy stored within
Passive margins getting squeezed in the mantle convection vice
Passive margins often exhibit uplift, exhumation, and tectonic inversion. We speculate that the compression in the lithosphere gradually increased during the Cenozoic, as seen in the number of
Constraints on the Structure of Mantle Convection Using Seismic Observations, Flow Models, and the Geoid
The establishment of the theory of plate tectonics in the late 1960s has left little doubt that the mantle is convecting. The plates themselves form the cold upper thermal boundary layer of the
Slabs in the lower mantle and their modulation of plume formation
Numerical mantle convection models indicate that subducting slabs can reach the core‐mantle boundary (CMB) for a wide range of assumed material properties and plate tectonic histories. An increase in
Subduction to the lower mantle - a comparison between geodynamic and tomographic models
Abstract. It is generally believed that subduction of lithospheric slabs is a major contribution to thermal heterogeneity in Earth's entire mantle and provides a main driving force for mantle flow.
Earth's punctuated tectonic evolution: cause and effect
Abstract Peaks in the Precambrian preserved crustal record are associated with major volcanic, tectonic and climatic events. These include addition of juvenile continental crust, voluminous
Intermittent layered convection in a model mantle with an endothermic phase change at 670 km
IT is not yet known whether convection in the Earth's mantle occurs in cells that extend throughout the entire depth of the mantle, or if the upper and lower mantle convect in independent layers;