Motorcycle licensure, ownership, and injury crash involvement.

  title={Motorcycle licensure, ownership, and injury crash involvement.},
  author={Jess F. Kraus and Craig L Anderson and Paul L. Zador and Angela Williams and S Arzemanian and Wan Chiu Li and M Salatka},
  journal={American journal of public health},
  volume={81 2},
The interrelationships among motorcycle licensure, ownership, and injury crash involvement were investigated in a sample of 2,723 motorcycle drivers severely or fatally injured in California in 1985-86. Owners of motorcycles in such crashes ("driver-owners") were less likely to have valid licenses than a random sample of motorcycle owners who had not been in crashes (42 vs. 57 percent). Thirty-three percent of the crash-involved drivers had valid motorcycle driver's licenses; 39 percent were… CONTINUE READING