Motor neuron synaptic potentials during fictive scratch reflex in turtle

  title={Motor neuron synaptic potentials during fictive scratch reflex in turtle},
  author={Paul S G Stein and Gail A Robertson and Joyce Keifer and Margaret L. Grossman and Joel A. Berenbeim and Paul R. Lennard},
  journal={Journal of comparative physiology},
1. A scratch reflex motor program, termed the ‘fictive’ scratch reflex (Stein and Grossman 1980), is displayed by an immobilized low spinal turtle in response to gentle mechanical stimulation delivered to specific regions of the shell. The fictive scratch is a cyclic program; each cycle is divisible into three phases, the A1, the A2 and the B phases (Fig. 1). Rhythmic A1 and A2 activities may be produced even when the B phase is deleted (Fig. 2). 2. Intracellular recordings from hindlimb motor… CONTINUE READING


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