Motor impairment rehabilitation post acquired brain injury.

  title={Motor impairment rehabilitation post acquired brain injury.},
  author={Shawn C. Marshall and Robert William Teasell and Nestor A Bayona and Corbin Lippert and Josie Chundamala and James Villamere and David Mackie and N A M Cullen and Mark Bayley},
  journal={Brain injury},
  volume={21 2},
OBJECTIVE We sought to investigate the efficacy of treatment strategies used to manage motor impairments following acquired brain injury (ABI) in order to provide guidance for clinical practice based on the best available evidence. METHODS AND MAIN OUTCOMES A systematic review of the literature from 1980-2005 was conducted focusing on pharmacological, non-pharmacological, and exercise interventions available for motor impairments post ABI. The efficacy of a given intervention was classified… CONTINUE READING


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