Motor functional MRI for presurgical evaluation of cerebral tumors.

  title={Motor functional MRI for presurgical evaluation of cerebral tumors.},
  author={Franck-Emmanuel Roux and Jean Philippe Ranjeva and Kader Boulanouar and Cl. Manelfe and Jean Sabatier and Michel Tr{\'e}moulet and Isabelle Berry},
  journal={Stereotactic and functional neurosurgery},
  volume={68 1-4 Pt 1},
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the capabilities and the limitations of motor functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) in the presurgical evaluation of the cerebral tumors located in or near the motor homunculus. To correlate each type of activation with the histologic characteristics of each tumor. MATERIALS AND METHODS fMRI was performed in 17 patients (14 adults and 3 children), without any motor deficit, presenting with various intracerebral tumors. Three fMRI activation paradigms were used… CONTINUE READING