Motor function analysis of myelin mutant mice using a rotarod

  title={Motor function analysis of myelin mutant mice using a rotarod},
  author={Penelope L Kuhn and Emmanuel Petroulakis and G A Zazanis and Randall D Mckinnon},
  journal={International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience},
We have examined motor control in normal and shiverer mutant mice using the rotarod assay, a forced motor activity which tests for balance and co-ordination. Shiverer mice carry a deletion of the myelin basic protein (MBP) gene, resulting in CNS dysmyelination and characteristic motor dysfunction. Homozygous mutant mice had a significant increase in cumulative falls from the rotarod relative to heterozygous mice. Non-acclimated animals of both genotypes showed progressive improvement in… CONTINUE READING


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