Motor control of the appetitive phase of feeding behavior in Aplysia.

  title={Motor control of the appetitive phase of feeding behavior in Aplysia.},
  author={G M Bablanian and Klaudiusz R. Weiss and Irving Kupfermann},
  journal={Behavioral and neural biology},
  volume={48 3},
The appetitive phase of feeding behavior, in the gastropod, Aplysia, consists of head lifting, head waving, orientation of the head to food, and locomotion. We have initiated studies of the neural control of head waving using three methods: (i) anatomical description of the nerves innervating muscles that are involved in head movement, (ii) electrical stimulation of nerves in a semi-intact preparation, and (iii) recording from nerves in free-moving animals. The muscles controlling head… CONTINUE READING
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