Motivic twisted K-theory

  title={Motivic twisted K-theory},
  author={Markus Spitzweck and Paul arne Ostvaer},
  journal={arXiv: Algebraic Topology},
This paper sets out basic properties of motivic twisted K-theory with respect to degree three motivic cohomology classes of weight one. Motivic twisted K-theory is defined in terms of such motivic cohomology classes by taking pullbacks along the universal principal BG_m-bundle for the classifying space of the multiplicative group scheme. We show a Kuenneth isomorphism for homological motivic twisted K-groups computing the latter as a tensor product of K-groups over the K-theory of BG_m. The… 

Twisted K-theory in motivic homotopy theory

A bstract . In this paper, we study twisted algebraic K-theory from a motivic viewpoint. For a smooth variety X over a field of characteristic zero and an Azumaya algebra A over X, we construct the A

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We develop the theory of Milnor-Witt motives and motivic cohomology. Compared to Voevodsky's theory of motives and his motivic cohomology, the first difference appears in our definition of

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Over any field of characteristic not 2, we establish a 2-term resolution of the $\eta$-periodic, 2-local motivic sphere spectrum by shifts of the connective 2-local Witt K-theory spectrum. This is

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We prove a recognition principle for motivic infinite P1-loop spaces over an infinite perfect field. This is achieved by developing a theory of framed motivic spaces, which is a motivic analogue of

Existence and uniqueness of E-infinity structures on motivic K-theory spectra

We show that algebraic K-theory KGL, the motivic Adams summand ML and their connective covers acquire unique E-infinity structures refining naive multiplicative structures in the motivic stable

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In this paper we begin the study of the (dual) Steenrod algebra of the motivic Witt cohomology spectrum HWZ by determining the algebra structure of HWZ∗∗HWZ over fields k of characteristic not 2

From algebraic cobordism to motivic cohomology

Let S be an essentially smooth scheme over a eld of characteristic exponent c. We prove that there is a canonical equivalence of motivic spectra over S MGL=(a1;a2;::: )(1=c)' HZ(1=c); where HZ is the

The very effective covers of KO and KGL over Dedekind schemes

We answer a question of Hoyois–Jelisiejew–Nardin–Yakerson regarding framed models of motivic connective K-theory spectra over Dedekind schemes. That is, we show that the framed suspension spectrum of

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We relate the recognition principle for infinite P1 ‐loop spaces to the theory of motivic fundamental classes of Déglise, Jin and Khan. We first compare two kinds of transfers that are naturally

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A bstract . Faltings [12]; Gabber and Ramero [13] introduced almost mathematics. In another way, almost mathematics can be characterized bilocalization abelian category of modules mentioned in



Twisted K-theory

Twisted complex K-theory can be defined for a space X equipped with a bundle of complex projective spaces, or, equivalently, with a bundle of C ∗ -algebras. Up to equivalence, the twisting

Modules over motivic cohomology

A possible new approach to the motivic spectral sequence for algebraic K-theory

Despite the considerable progress in motivic cohomology and motivic homotopy theory achieved in recent years we still do not have a simple construction of the spectral sequence relating motivic

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This is the first in a series of papers investigating the relationship between the twisted equivariant K‐theory of a compact Lie group G and the “Verlinde ring” of its loop group. In this paper we

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We prove a motivic Landweber exact functor theorem. The main result shows the assignment given by a Landweber-type formula involving the MGL-homology of a motivic spectrum defines a homology theory

On the Motivic Spectra Representing Algebraic Cobordism and Algebraic K-Theory

We show that the motivic spectrum representing alge- braic K-theory is a localization of the suspension spectrum of P ∞ , and similarly that the motivic spectrum representing periodic alge- braic

Chern classes, K-theory and Landweber exactness over nonregular base schemes

The purpose of this paper is twofold. First, we use the motivic Landweber exact functor theorem to deduce that the Bott inverted infinite projective space is homotopy algebraic $K$-theory. The