Motivic stable homotopy theory is strictly commutative at the characteristic

  title={Motivic stable homotopy theory is strictly commutative at the characteristic},
  author={Tom Bachmann},
  journal={Advances in Mathematics},
  • Tom Bachmann
  • Published 3 November 2021
  • Mathematics
  • Advances in Mathematics



Motivic spectral Mackey functors

. We show that if G is a finite constant group acting on a scheme X such that | G | ∈ O × X , then the G -equivariant motivic stable homotopy category of X is equivalent to the stabilization of the

Remarks on \'etale motivic stable homotopy theory

  • 2021

Motivic colimits and extended powers

. We define a notion of colimit for diagrams in a motivic category indexed by a presheaf of spaces (e.g. an ´etale classifying space), and we study basic properties of this construction. As a case


1.1. A motivating example: elliptic cohomology theories. Generalized cohomology theories are functors which take values in some abelian category. Traditionally, we consider ones which take values in

Cdh descent, cdarc descent, and Milnor excision

We give necessary and sufficient conditions for a cdh sheaf to satisfy Milnor excision, following ideas of Bhatt and Mathew. Along the way, we show that the cdh ∞\documentclass[12pt]{minimal}

$\eta$-periodic motivic stable homotopy theory over fields

Over any field of characteristic not 2, we establish a 2-term resolution of the $\eta$-periodic, 2-local motivic sphere spectrum by shifts of the connective 2-local Witt K-theory spectrum. This is

On the infinite loop spaces of algebraic cobordism and the motivic sphere

We obtain geometric models for the infinite loop spaces of the motivic spectra $\mathrm{MGL}$, $\mathrm{MSL}$, and $\mathbf{1}$ over a field. They are motivically equivalent to $\mathbb{Z}\times

Modules over algebraic cobordism

Abstract We prove that the $\infty $-category of $\mathrm{MGL} $-modules over any scheme is equivalent to the $\infty $-category of motivic spectra with finite syntomic transfers. Using the

Nilpotence in normed MGL-modules

We establish a motivic version of the May Nilpotence Conjecture: if E is a normed motivic spectrum that satisfies $E \wedge HZ \simeq 0$, then also $E \wedge MGL \simeq 0$. In words, motivic homology

Hyperdescent and étale K-theory

We study the étale sheafification of algebraic K-theory, called étale K-theory. Our main results show that étale K-theory is very close to a noncommutative invariant called Selmer K-theory, which is