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Motivic functions, integrability, and uniform in p bounds for orbital integrals

  title={Motivic functions, integrability, and uniform in p bounds for orbital integrals},
  author={Raf Cluckers and Julia Gordon and Immanuel Halupczok},
  journal={arXiv: Representation Theory},
This is a short announcement and summary of the results of arxiv:1111.7057, arxiv.org:1111.4405, and Appendix B to arxiv:1208.1945. In particular, we emphasize the exposition of the ideas related to model theory and motivic integration, and simplify the definitions, to make these results easily accessible to non-model theorists. 
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  • Viet Cuong Do
  • Mathematics
    International Mathematics Research Notices
  • 2018
Jacquet conjectured that globally a cuspidal automorphic representation of $\mathrm{G}\mathrm{L}_r$ should be in the image of the metaplectic correspondence precisely when it is distinguished with


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