Motivation gains of inferior group members: a meta-analytical review.


In recent years, a growing number of studies have demonstrated that individuals can exert higher motivation when working in a group compared to working individually. This is particularly true for less capable, inferior group members. To aggregate these findings and to examine preconditions as well as moderating influences on motivation gains of inferior group members, the authors conducted a meta-analysis (17 studies, N=2,240). Results indicated that the overall motivation gain effect of inferior group members observed is moderate and significant (g=.60). Moderator analyses revealed substantial influences of task structure, performance information, physical presence, gender, and task type.

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@article{Weber2007MotivationGO, title={Motivation gains of inferior group members: a meta-analytical review.}, author={Bernhard Weber and Guido Hertel}, journal={Journal of personality and social psychology}, year={2007}, volume={93 6}, pages={973-93} }