Motivating CS1/2 students with the android platform (abstract only)


The use of Android in computing courses is growing. Students find it engaging because it offers a unique opportunity to develop Java apps for mobile devices. Android offers opportunities and challenges in a teaching environment, especially in CS1 and CS2. As a professional-level platform, it incorporates many design idioms that may require students to learn advanced language features earlier. It also introduces logistical complications in setting up development tools and code projects. Existing approaches to software testing and automated grading also must be adapted. This BOF will gather educators interested in using Android in their courses, focusing on issues that arise when balancing the need to teach fundamental concepts with the complexities required to accomplish basic tasks on the Android platform. We look forward to sharing assignments, resources, techniques, and experiences with others interested in Android.

DOI: 10.1145/2157136.2157439

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