Motion correction in diffusion-weighted MRI of the breast at 3T.

  title={Motion correction in diffusion-weighted MRI of the breast at 3T.},
  author={Lori R. Arlinghaus and E. Brian Welch and A. Bapsi Chakravarthy and Lei Xu and Jaime Farley and Vandana G. Abramson and Ana M. Grau and Mark C. Kelley and Ingrid A. Mayer and Julie Means-Powell and Ingrid M. Meszoely and John C. Gore and Thomas E. Yankeelov},
  journal={Journal of magnetic resonance imaging : JMRI},
  volume={33 5},
PURPOSE To provide a quantitative assessment of motion and distortion correction of diffusion-weighted images (DWIs) of the breast and to evaluate the effects of registration on the mean apparent diffusion coefficient (mADC). MATERIALS AND METHODS Eight datasets from four patients with breast cancer and eight datasets from six healthy controls were acquired on a 3T scanner. A 3D affine registration was used to align each set of images and principal component analysis was used to assess the… CONTINUE READING

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