Motion camouflage with sensorimotor delay

  title={Motion camouflage with sensorimotor delay},
  author={P. V. Reddy and Eric W. Justh and Perinkulam S. Krishnaprasad},
  journal={2007 46th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control},
In recent work, a particular high-gain feedback law was shown to drive a pursuer-evader system arbitrarily close to a state of motion camouflage in finite time. However, data collected from bat-insect encounters, in which a strategy akin to motion camouflage is used by the bat to pursue the insect, reveal that a modest feedback gain is used, and significant sensorimotor delay is present. Therefore, we revisit our earlier analysis (in CDC 2006), but with sensorimotor delay incorporated into the… CONTINUE READING

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