Motility proteins and the origin of the nucleus

  title={Motility proteins and the origin of the nucleus},
  author={M. Dolan and Hannah Melnitsky and L. Margulis and R. Kolnicki},
  journal={The Anatomical Record},
  • M. Dolan, Hannah Melnitsky, +1 author R. Kolnicki
  • Published 2002
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The Anatomical Record
  • Hypotheses on the origin of eukaryotic cells must account for the origin of the microtubular cytoskeletal structures (including the mitotic spindle, undulipodium/cilium (so‐called flagellum) and other structures underlain by the 9(2)+2 microtubular axoneme) in addition to the membrane‐bounded nucleus. Whereas bacteria with membrane‐bounded nucleoids have been described, no precedent for mitotic, cytoskeletal, or axonemal microtubular structures are known in prokaryotes. Molecular phylogenetic… CONTINUE READING
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