Motility of the transverse colon used for esophageal replacement.

  title={Motility of the transverse colon used for esophageal replacement.},
  author={Roberto Oliveira Dantas and Rui C.M. Mamede},
  journal={Journal of clinical gastroenterology},
  volume={34 3},
The authors studied the motility of transverse colon used for reconstruction of the pharyngogastric transit after esophagectomy. The study included 10 patients who underwent esophagectomy 15 to 201 months (median, 48.5 months) before motility evaluation. Nine patients underwent operation because of caustic injury and one, because of esophageal cancer. The age of the patients ranged from 19 to 54 years (median, 36 years). A manometric esophageal catheter with five side holes spaced 5 cm apart… CONTINUE READING


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